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We strengthen our strength with Thor's Hammer



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At The One Awards, the awards given to the most hardworking were given to their owners last night with a glorious night again this year. On this highly anticipated night, we carried out very special works with AR technology for the reputable people of the year and their companies that gained their reputation.

The hammer image used in the promotion of The One Awards 2023 Award Night came to life with the 3D model we prepared through AR technology on the billboards where the awards night will be held.

In this process, at the first stage, the hammer model specially designed by our 3D artists was prepared with rigs, textures and shadings and its animation was added. In the second step, software studies were carried out to enable mobile device cameras to recognize only the hammer image when they see it. Thus, the guests who came to the event had the opportunity to experience this experience very easily with their smart devices. In addition, the video animation of this beautiful flow was prepared and shown on and before the awards night.

In addition, this work of ours was featured on the cover of the February 23 issue of the Marketing Turkey course.

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