The meaning of the word Metaverse means beyond the universe. The unified version of the words meta-universe. With this concept, it is aimed to connect the entire digital world and create a virtual universe.

In short, it is a project aimed at combining all these platforms with virtual reality and alternative reality dimensions.

Black Studio Agency Metaverse

So, What Are We
Doing In Metaverse?

We create and rent environments where you can hold concerts, workshops, stores and meetings for you in areas customized for you. All this enables you to connect everyone and anywhere.

Metaverse is a limitless world that we customize for you, to make your dreams come true.

Black Studio Agency Metaverse

What are we doing in Metaverse for you?

As Turkey's first awarded Metaverse Agency, Black Studio; We provide you a closer understanding of the terms AR, VR, Web XR and AI, which have begun to enter our lives, and offer creative solutions for your brands.

We design and implement down to the smallest detail, considering your wishes, with our professional team during the projecting and building construction phase. During this time, we are working with the popular and decentralized metaverse platforms such as The SandBox, Decentraland and Spatial and determine the most appropriate one for your brand.

If it is decided that the project will progress on open-world metaverse platforms, we are in close communication with the organizers of The SandBox, Decentraland, and Spatial platforms, of which we are solution partners in Turkey. We lead the events to make a global impact and carry your brand forward. By contacting the organizers of the platforms, we are helping the event be held globally.

We organize concerts, meetings, fairs and events specific to your brand, with options to purchase or lease land on the basis of the selected platform. On the other hand, we can create special areas for you on our closed meta platform, and we will be with you in all of the creative processes and subsequent development stages.

The roadmap we follow while advancing Metaverse projects is as follows;

  • First of all, we listen carefully to the needs of your brand and offer ideas that will meet your expectations,
  • Immediately after, we determine the most suitable platform for you to take your place in the metaverse world,
  • We send you the alternative land samples,
  • We start the land lease or purchase procedure according to your preference,
  • First of all, we start the project by getting together with our expert team to present you the with the design that will meet your expectations.
  • Afterwards, we present the prepared design for your approval, at this stage, we integrate other desired additions (gamification, bot, etc.) into the field,
  • The approved design is published on the selected metaverse platform,
  • According to the agreement with your brand, we will be with you during the development and improvement stages.
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