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First Awarded Metaverse Agency, Enrich Black Studio



Metaverse Agency Enrich Black Studio was awarded the gold award at the Brandverse Awards, one of the most prestigious competitions in the marketing and communication sector.

Enrich Black Studio, a metaverse agency based in New York and Istanbul, won the gold award in the "Using Metaverse" category at the Brandverse Awards. Enrich Black Studio; won the award with the “N Kolay & IBB Metaverse Press Conference” campaign. The winners of the competition were approved by Deloitte Turkey and received their awards at a ceremony held in Istanbul. Black Studio Director Ata Güneş stated that it is very important for them to receive a gold award from the Brandverse Awards and said that they broke new ground in the award-winning project. He said that they organized the "first hybrid press launch" by carrying the "N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon", which was held in cooperation with Aktif Bank and IMM (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality), to the metaverse in the past months.

“Aktif Bank became the first Turkish bank to take its place in the metaverse”

Ata Güneş stated that as a company, they have supported the creation of their own particular metaverse areas since the beginning of the year, and said, “We are implementing all the projects requested for brands on popular metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, Sandbox, Roblox, Spatial. We introduced companies from many different sectors such as finance, technology, and retail to the metaverse world. We organize events, organizations, conferences, meetings, and exhibitions on the platforms we have created, both closed and open meta.” Stating that they opened a metaverse branch of a bank for the first time in Turkey on June 6.

Güneş continued: “By building a building for Aktif Bank in Decentraland, we created a new touch point for their customers. With this project, Aktif Bank became the first Turkish bank which takes place in the metaverse.” 

Güneş concluded his words: “Just as the internet was not built by a single company or an organization, the metaverse universe will not be too. In order to realize this mission, our aim is to have the brands that we will work with have an important place in shaping the future. We want to improve the ecosystem. For this reason, we carefully select companies that we can work with among different proposals.”



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