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Black Studio CEO Ata Güneş talked about Metaverse and Intent Land at Ekotürk


Ata Güneş Ekotürük
Black Studio CEO Ata Güneş was the guest on the Gün Ortası program hosted by Ahu Orakçıoğlu on Ekotürk TV. Güneş talked about the future of Metaverse and its new projects.  

Having established collaborations with major advertising agencies such as StandbyMe, Havas Istanbul, and Senfonico in 2022, Black Studio continues to carry brands to the Metaverse and NFT universe. It carries out the entire process in-house, from software to design, from project planning to moderation.


All desired projects are implemented end-to-end on popular metaverse platforms such as Horizon World, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Roblox, and Spatial.


Future of Metaverse


It remains inevitable to invest in the metaverse, which is seen as the heir of the Internet. As a result of research, Meta also stated; It is predicted that the economic size of Metaverse will be 10 Trillion Dollars in the next ten years. The world's general trade volume is already around 30 trillion dollars, which means that the metaverse will correspond to 1/3 of world trade.


1 out of every 2 people in Turkey has heard of the concept of the metaverse, and 60% of the population is ready and eager to experience the metaverse. It is thought that verticals such as art, fashion, education, and e- commerce will fully affect our daily lives.


Black Studio's new project is Intent Land!


Talking about their new project, Intent Land, Güneş said, "We are bringing the world of the show to the metaverse, we will bring interactive entertainment to all people without any additional software or hardware. Artists will go to their concerts in special outfits that convey movement data, and the concert will be in Intent Land at the same time.”


At Intent Land, participants will be able to watch concerts without leaving their homes. The artists will perform both in the real-world concert venue and on the virtual stage in the metaverse universe specially designed by Intent Land, with the clothes and sensors they wear on them that transmit the movement data.


The first event, which is designed as an innovative and pioneering project, is planned to be realized with the ticketing brand PASSO with 9 million users.


First event coming soon!

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