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dotCOMM Awards Black Studio
Black Studio won 5 Awards from dotCOMM!
We have some good news from the Black Studio team. We have recently announced that we are awarded by BrandVerse Awards as ‘Turkey’s first awarded Metaverse Agency’.
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First Awarded Metaverse Agency, Enrich Black Studio

Metaverse Agency Enrich Black Studio was awarded the gold award at the Brandverse Awards.

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What is NFT?

The concept of NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFT, which can also be referred to as a type of cryptocurrency, can represent a valuable asset, unlike other types of cryptocurrency, except for classical definitions. It is a digital asset that cannot be changed, has value, and is collectible. NFTs act as bridges in the metadata database and facilitate identity, community, and social experiences in the metadata database.

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What is Metaverse?

Sign of an unpredictable future. The Metaverse is a space where imagination is unlimited, created by connecting digital environments located in virtual 3D. The meta-universe is a parallel world where people, in addition to socializing, can work, invest and create their reality.

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